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A place for Nick Rayner and the crimes against humanity that define him.

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Janet Jackson blasting her exhausted nipple in front of the United States of America would have gotten nowhere without the Machiavellian motivations of this digital thinkswarm.

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My name is Nick Rayner and I specialize in marketing strategy and design.
I am a graduate of the Advertising and Marketing Communications Program at St. Lawrence College, and before that I took the Chef Training program at George Brown College. I worked in restaurants a few years before I switched into marketing, working as an apprentice chef and line cook and dishwasher, pretty much what you’d imagine. Clearly I got out because I hated it. I still cook and have an appreciation for food,, I just couldn’t do the Sunday brunches. Sorry everybody.

Anyway in and around that I worked in construction, landscaping, logistics, retail, I was even a door-to-door salesman for a bit. It made me respect the value of good salespeople. Sometimes I feel alone having the dirty urgency of the real world in this marketing world full of hacks and half-measures sold as solutions. I’m working on it, and by it I mean them.

I ran a horror-fiction website called The Tandem Region Times and a boutique digital marketing agency titled Triangle People. I did some other things you can see in the Projects section.
This website has changed a lot over the years and in this iteration it’s about the work I have done online and offline, including billboard advertisements, published articles, fiction books I have published, and a number of the marketing campaigns I have worked on.

Over the years of employment, internships, and academic studies I have worked on campaigns for Coca Cola, Mercedes, Yop, Fanta, Smarties, BPE Group of Companies,, and Tract 9. I have written and directed videos, published SEO optimized content, created websites along with the site content and social media campaigns, and created numerous business development strategies for mid-to-large size clients. My Resume can be seen here. My published work can be seen here.
I like movies that make people feel like phoning their favorite store, sushi with lots of internal strife, whiskey, big chess boards with humans as the pieces, lipstick and tequila pizza on the road, crack wise in the fish market.





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