(Tandem Region Times, January 2016.)

UPDATE January 29, 2016: While under supervision at L.E.G.H, the eyes of the strike team all rolled out of their sockets and collected on the areas where the handprints were. Each placement was unique.

UPDATE January 28, 2016: A “strike team” send into the building to assess the situation before the SWAT team was forcibly ejected through the windows and roof by an unidentified assailant or force. Three have been pronounced dead and two are in critical condition. Each officer was recovered with a deep grey handprint at various places on their bodies.

LAUGHING’S END (TRT) — Police, Fire Crews, Paramedics, and SWAT teams are surrounding the Bay Way Vocational College in the wake of a harrowing tale put forward by Detective Abagail Sommers of Laughing’s End PD. Det. Sommers was recovered from the parking lot – clothes torn and splattered with blood – of the college and shortly after recounted a story of bloodshed and paranormal interference taking place beyond the doors.

swatteamvocational In a 7 page account released to Tandem Region Times, Det. Sommers recounts a grisly scene that has authorities hesitating until accurate intelligence can be gathered.

“In the classrooms they were fighting each other, there was no reason to it. It was just a bedlam. None of them noticed me, thankfully,” read the report by Det. Sommers. “They kept the dead in the gymnasium. Or there was a fight where everyone died […] In any event, the gym was full of frozen corpses.”

At press time no fatalities can be confirmed.

Det. Sommers described the air in the school as frigid, well below the freezing point. She noted the brawling students appeared to be suffering from frostbite, with some even covered in visible frost. Battered bodies located in the main hallway were stiff to the touch.

Others lacked any indication of trauma or violence at all and simply collapsed in chairs or on stairwells. In her testimony, Det. Sommers was burgeoned shortly after reaching the gymnasium and escaped only by her attacker being ambushed by a blue-and-secondary group.

Bay Way Vocational College has been the first and only destination in Tandem Region for barbers or bartenders, with many students electing for dual fields of study.



Everywhere you’ve been, the building has been before. Understand? What I’m trying to say is that every story repeats, and if the same stories repeat again and again it’s impossible for the environment not to absorb them. It’s radiation, it’s science. I lived my life, and I know there’s at ;east a hundred kids who lived that same live in that same school. Just standing close to the walls, you can absorb it back into you. It’s sick. They never demolish schools.


If you peel back the material there’s a tunnel, and when you stick your head inside it, it feels like you’re looking downward. The blood rushes to your head and your hair sticks straight up. It’s the only place that doesn’t absorb experiences. You can sleep in there if you ground yourself.


It’s all connected anyway. You might as well kill yourself when you are in school. At any grade. If you have a younger brother or sister, kill them too. If you’re reading this, kill yourself and your sibling if you have one. Don’t worry, your parents can’t read this part. Do it tomorrow.

Principal Janitor of Bay Way Vocational College Joist Kilo escaped the premises shortly after it began, an event marked by a sharp decrease in temperature “controlled by someone or something else” in the bowels of the building. Kilo witnessed the first moments of the infighting, and alluded to a clandestine operation that could be at least partly to blame.

Kilo points to a series of large gas tanks placed decades earlier to “control the emotions” of students, back in a time where children as young as 12 entered the workforce as opposed to 32. He referenced unverified instruction manuals and booklets trapped beyond the front doors, but swears it is the only possible explanation.

vocationalcollegeThere is visible blood and other fluids visible on the windows of the building. SWAT teams are primed to enter, but according to one Sherriff’s Deputy they are “waiting for a better read on the threat inside, I think.”

In an exclusive interview, Kilo states “there’s five tanks in a room between the classrooms, it’s accessible through one of the lockers on the second floor. Nobody else has access to it and I was instructed not to mess around with any of them. They all had different colours and were connected to pipes going into the walls. I’m not the guy to ask.”

The Dean of the school, Horace Bilm, arrived on the scene hours after the initial lockdown and spoke to Tandem Region Times in what he wished to constitute as his official media release. In a short exclamation to the media and law enforcement, he stated “there’s nothing to see here, and I leave it in your capable hands.”

Bilm was unwilling to provide an explanation for the altered central cooling or the existence of mood-altering chemicals, choosing simply to say “ask the man who did it.”

Tandem Region Times will bring you more on this story as it develops.


Promoted Ghost Seeks Nanobot Flesh

By Hel, Reporter.

Bent Embers (TRT) — The Befallen Bundle is the unlikely scene of a crime as Barrion Talxxxxxxlb. The intertwined estates have been Coddled and Cured by the diseased man who has hijacked the edge of death and used it as a mechanism to travel.

The edge of death knows no limitations as long as life is present, and due to the Befallen Bundle’s cryogenic pillars it is impromptu stronghold for Talxxxxxxlb.

Tandem Region Times will bring you more on this as it develops.

Talxxxxxxlb – an expat of Heaven’s Gull and the mentee of Seventy Man – states he will not leave until he has found his “flesh brother,” who is described as inhabiting trillions of nanobots sunk into the skin, flesh, and membrane of an immeasurable number of inhabitants.

Tandem Region Times will bring you more on this as it develops.

Seventy men commandeered a MilkLight and projected the image of what the nanobots look like. They will be impossible for the conventional eye to see. Talxxxxxxlb has not responded to requests for interview. Seventy Man believed the boy is alone and looking for a skin similar to his own, even if it is a suit.

“He’s only there because he thinks they look like him. He won’t leave until they are.”

Tandem Region Times will bring you more on this as it develops.