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Black Umbrellas

(Trembling with Fear, March 2018) They called it an unexplained tragedy, but it wasn’t true. Seventy people dragged into the ground by the elongated fingers of blackened children encased below the asphalt. A massive black umbrella expanded overhead and manipulated the realit...

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Meet The A.I. Responsible For Every Controversy Since 2002

(Humor Outcasts, July 2015.) This is big so pay attention. The moment I send this in, the clock is ticking. I’ve obtained documents regarding the X-109 contextually-layering replicating program, the latest in clandestine artificial intelligence that is about to grab headline...

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Four Groups Millennials Can Blame Their Lives On

(Absrd Comedy, July 2015.) If rappers and rockers are to be believed, the world is pretty fucked up. The average image board or internet community will inform us that Millennials have been handed a hot potato in the form of “society” and we faux-bespectacled jive Replicant...

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Vegas Rictus

(Hello Horror,  December 2014.) "We built a city beneath hell.” A stretched grey corpse with hollow eyes and bedazzled with carnival lights beckons you to evolve while telling you tales of your ancestors. You listen intently as the world awakens to chew you alive. It was ...

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