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Big Data: The Backbone of Modern Business

[Ontario Technologist, Feb 2020] In the 21st century, big data has emerged as one of the most disruptive forces in the marketplace, causing businesses to develop new technologies, skills and tools to drive innovation.  As a society, we’ve now entered an era where devices, prod...

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Jarry Doors Exits the School

[Terror House Magazine, Sep. 12 2019] The rain was ceaseless in the town of Calve Junction. “You could say the gangly one touched you,” said the one with the blonde hair and sunken chin, “he looks like he has money.” The one with dirty skin—laying on his stomach like ...

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Car Loan Payments Explained

[CarNance, September 11, 2019] Most car buyers, whether shopping for new or used cars, will have to work out a monthly payment plan, which involves varying amounts of interest. The way it works is when you choose the car, your lender buys the car on your behalf and your payment...

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Ford Extended Warranty

[Warranty World, July 20, 2019 ] The Ford Motor Company (popularly known as simply Ford) is one of the original American car brands and the world's fifth largest automaker based on worldwide vehicle sales. Ford is one of the most well-known and famous names in auto...

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Black Umbrellas

(Trembling with Fear, March 2018) They called it an unexplained tragedy, but it wasn’t true. Seventy people dragged into the ground by the elongated fingers of blackened children encased below the asphalt. A massive black umbrella expanded overhead and manipulated the realit...

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